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Redgum firewood is a popular type of wood to burn in a fireplace or woodstove. If you’re looking for a hardwood that burns hot and long, Redgum is a great choice. It’s perfect for those cold winter nights when you want to curl up by the fire and stay warm.

Whether it be for your fireplace, cooking or camping outdoors, Redgum is also a great choice. It burns at a high temperature, making it less smokey than other types of wood. The wood is dense and hard, so it will last a long time and produce a high heat output.

Advantages of Redgum Firewood:

-Burns hot and long

-Gives off a lot of heat

-Great for winter fires

-Easy to light and starts quickly

Redgum firewood has a lot of desirable burning properties, as it is dense, slow-burning, and cost-effective. It’ll be easy to get the fire going with its low-moisture content and dryness, and its dense nature ensures a slow-burning yet long-lasting fire that will most likely outlast the night.

Maybe this explains why Red gum firewood is so popular in Sydney. If you’re seeking high-quality hardwood firewood, Sydney Firewood, your leading firewood supplier in Sydney, provides you with seasoned Redgum Firewood.

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Firewood

Sydney Firewood is committed to providing ethically and sustainably sourced firewood. We only ever use fallen or dead trees that have been removed as part of a forestry or land management operation. By using this fallen wood, we are helping to reduce the impact of deforestation and promote sustainable forest practices

Whether you’re heating your home, cooking with firewood or enjoying a campfire under the stars, Redgum firewood is a great choice.

Order your Redgum firewood from Sydney Firewood today!

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