How Long Can Firewood Last In A Shed?

Keeping a stockpile of firewood is an excellent way to reduce your reliance on natural gas. However, it’s important to understand how much time firewood takes before it begins to break down from exposure to moisture, heat, and insects, making it useless. Several factors determine how long firewood will last in a shed and understanding these factors can help you get the most out of your wood supply for as long as possible. Keep reading to learn about the best practices for keeping your firewood supply alive and thriving!

Know your firewood type

There are many types of firewood, so knowing the kind you have on hand is vital to longevity. It is essential to understand what determines the burning properties of wood. The burning properties of wood are determined by the amount of moisture, type of tannin, amount of nutrients, wood’s size, as well as the amount of ash. This can be affected by a few things, but the most significant is the wood’s moisture. Higher moisture levels typically mean a shorter length of time that wood will last. Knowing the type of firewood when storing in a shed is essential since there are different types, and each has its characteristics that will help determine which way to keep it.

Only store dry firewood

If you want your firewood to last, keep it dry. The best way to keep your wood supply from prematurely breaking down is simple.

The main suggestion is to keep it away from water. Firewood that is too wet will rot and break down much faster than drier wood. You should store your firewood in dry storage with an ideal temperature of not more than 40 degrees Celsius. This will help to protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition. You might need extra protection for your wood supply if you live in a humid climate. Humidity can cause wood to become extra moist, especially if you keep your firewood outside. Also, consider keeping your wood indoors in a protected area. Otherwise, store your wood in a shaded spot outside a shed or garage.

Be mindful of humidity and temperature

While your wood is wet, the ideal relative humidity for firewood is about 10%. Yellowing, rotting, and cracking are all signs that your wood is too dry or too moist. If you keep the wood indoors, you can rehydrate it by placing the wood in a bucket of water or a small tub. 

Protect it from insects

It’s easy to forget the small details when stocking up on firewood, but you must be mindful of your firewood’s health. Firewood that is too dry or too moist is more likely to attract insects. Consider adding cedar oil (a natural wood preservative) to protect your wood from pests. Cedar oil repels insects and helps keep your wood dry. Cedar oil is generally good for about a year. You can also protect your wood from insects by covering it with a tarp, keeping it in the shade and away from pests. Keep your firewood out of direct sunlight, as UV rays can damage the wood and shorten its lifespan. Ideally, you want to keep your wood away from puddles and other sources of standing water. Puddles can breed insects and moisture, damaging your wood supply and shortening its lifespan.

Keep it out of the rain

The best way to keep your firewood from rotting is to keep it out of the rain. Rainwater can seep into the cracks in a pile of firewood and cause it to break down more quickly. Ideally, you want to keep your firewood off the ground to protect it from the elements. Consider covering your wood supply to keep it out of the rain and other sources of moisture. Keeping your firewood dry in the long run can be challenging due to the ever-changing weather patterns. As the climate changes and becomes more unpredictable, keeping your wood supply dry becomes even more challenging. Be aware of the climate in your area and take precautions to protect your wood supply. 

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